What you need to know about general contracting

What do general contractors do?

General contractors manage and hire subcontractors while acting as the primary contact for construction clients. They also hire specialists to attend to plumbing, heating and air conditioning, painting or roofing aspects of a project. The general contractor is responsible for coordinating and building a project design by someone else. This person can be in charge of many different types of projects like commercial, industrial, and residential developments.

Some of the commercial projects managed by general contractors are office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and factories. These types of builds are used for our shopping centers or storage. Industrial construction also takes part in the building of warehouses, factories, and powerplants. Industrial buildings are where most of the mass production is coming from. The construction of family homes or apartment buildings is part of residential construction. In all types of construction, various professionals are involved, from architects to engineers to contractors.

Benefits of hiring a general contractor:

Some reasons general contractors are important to have are they take care of providing all necessary materials and equipment, keeping records, tracking timelines and payments, and ensuring quality and safety. The material provided can vary from the type of project it is. But the most common construction materials are concrete, wood, metal, brick, and clay. The equipment provided can also vary. 

General contractor requirements:

General contractors are required to make sure that the project is going smoothly and that it is safe for the clients and workers. Some of the safety requirements are keeping the site tidy, tools organized, clear signs of warning, using the right equipment for the right task, a first aid kit, and to have an emergency response plan. They are also required to have safeguards around the jobsite and clear entry/exit points. Some of the protective equipment workers need to have at a site are hard hats, gloves, goggle, safety glasses, and face shields.

Some states require general contractors to be licensed in order to work on projects. Each state has different requirements. General contractors with a license improve their skills with current knowledge in business methods, regulation requirements and building maintenance. Licensed general contractors can be more appealing to customers because they demonstrate credibility and training.

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